Sermons from International Christian Fellowship

  1. GloryFire - Florida 1 -God Wants You -Narash Samaroo
  2. GloryFire - Florida 2 -God of HOPE -Steve Wilson
  3. GloryFire - Florida 3 -Made in Heaven to be me -Steve Wilson
  4. GloryFire - Florida 4 -Supernatural Power is in You -Subas Singh
  5. GloryFire - Florida 5 -The River of Heaven -Espanol -Becky Prasad and Juan Cuevas
  6. GloryFire - Florida 6 -Five Star Reviews -Conference Attendees
  7. Hope for the Holidays by Josh Prasad
  8. How to get a NEW MIND by Becky Prasad
  9. ICLC Summit -North America 1-THE SPIRIT SAYS -Dr Sam Matthews
  10. ICLC Summit -North America 2-SUPERNATURAL SHIFT -Joshua Prasad
  11. ICLC Summit -North America 3-IT IS HAPPENNING NOW -Andy Rudd
  12. ICLC Summit -North America 4-HOSTING THE PRESENCE -Steve Wilson
  13. ICLC Summit -North America 5-FAMILY OF FAITH COLLEGE -Joshua Prasad
  14. ICLC Summit -North America 6-ISRAEL UPDATE -Gary Chesser
  15. ICLC Summit -North America 7-NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY THE SPIRIT -Stephen Parker
  16. ICLC Summit -North America 8-FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS -Danny Fisher
  17. Leadership-Jesus Style by Joshua Prasad
  18. Crisis Overtaken by Becky Prasad
  19. Position Yourself Pastor Denise Savitt
  20. Hiding In Him Pastor Willie Green
  21. Breaking Vows Pastor Becky Prasad
  22. Strengthen Your Walls Pastor Denise Savitt
  23. Who We Are In Christ Pastor Denise Savitt
  24. Breaking the bondages of the past by Andre Alassa
  25. Take Up Your Cross By Pastor Denise
  26. Mountains We Face By Pastor Joshua
  27. Fear Of God By Pastor Becky
  28. Crying Out For His Presence Becky Prasad
  29. Faith to Live by Denise Imlah-Savitt
  30. The Fathers Love by Denise Imlah-Savitt
  31. Kingdom Culture Denise Savitt
  32. Glory Fire Passion 1 A World That Waits by Winston Lynch
  33. Wait On His Presence Sharnell Jackson
  34. Glory Fire Conference Session 5 Activation by Steve Wilson
  35. Glory Fire Conference Session 4 Equipped by Ron Bernard
  36. Glory Fire Conference Session_3 Equipped by Charles Carrin
  37. Glory Fire Conference Session 2 Envisioned by John Thompson
  38. Glory Fire Conference Session 1 Empowered by Charles Carrin
  39. Fire of His Greater Glory by Joshua Prasad
  40. Jacob pursuit of PURPOSE by Denise Imlah-Savitt
  41. PURPOSE by Denise Savitt
  42. The Great Salvation by Becky Prasad
  43. The Call by Willie Green
  44. What is the going price of a BIRTHRIGHT by Joshua Prasad
  45. Running the RACE Part 2 by Becky Prasad
  46. Prepare Yourself by Denise Savitt
  47. 10 Evidences That He Lives by Joshua Prasad
  48. Come Holy Spirit by Willie Green
  49. What Will You Do With Jesus - Joshua Prasad
  50. Best Friends Forever and Ever by Joshua Prasad
  51. Harvest Souls Fire Conference by Willie Green
  52. Josiah a Window of Opportunity by Denise Imlah-Savitt
  53. Back Seat Drivers by Joshua Prasad
  54. To Know Him by Denise Imlah-Savitt
  55. ICLC Conf - Ambassadors of God by Narash Samaroo
  56. ICLC Conf - An Invitation to the Supernatural by Andy Rudd
  57. ICLC Conf - Get You SOME by John Thompson
  58. ICLC Conf - The Gate of Heaven by Steve Wilson
  59. ICLC Conf - Who Ought We to Be by Sam Matthews
  60. Relationships - Getting to know you by Wille Green
  61. Running the RACE by Becky Prasad
  62. Getting to know the Resurrected Christ by Joshua Prasad
  63. South Florida Belongs to Jesus by Joshua Prasad
  64. His Straight Path by ex-muslim Camille Abraham
  65. Kingdom of God is in You by Winston Lynch
  66. One vision One man One shout - By Joshua Prasad
  67. One vision One man One shout - Gideon by Denise Imlah-Savitt
  68. One vision One man One shout - Summary by Peter Persaud
  69. Your Calling is Your Provision by Jose Abraham
  70. Resurrection_Fire_Conf All Authority Is Yours by Charles Carrin
  71. Resurrection_Fire_Conf Spirit Of Glory by Steve Wilson
  72. Resurrection_Fire_Conf Spirit Of Life by Steve Wilson
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